Company profile
Chipoda Electronics is one of the world's leading independent distributor of electronic components.We provide quality electronic components and supply chain management services for electronic manufacturers worldwide. Chipoda is headquartered in Shenzhen and has spot warehouses in Shenzhen and Hong Kong.Working closely with its principals 3500+ global electronic components suppliers to creative innovative solutions to complement its customer’s products and solutions.We strive to improve customers’ operational efficiency and cost competitiveness. Chipoda can meet the various clients’ demand,especially good at supplying shortage, discontinued, hard-to-find and cold components, and providing one-stop supporting services for OEMs, ODMs, EMS and global electronics products manufacturers.
Company history
Seted up store in Huaqiang North Customer Groups,200+ Domestic traders
established a Shenzhen warehouse
upgraded company aimed to the end-users’ market Customer Groups 500+Domestic Manufacturers 3000+Domestic traders
established a Hongkong warehouse
established a Hongkong company Customer Groups,150+ international clients, 1500+Domestic Manufacturers 6000+Domestic traders
International mall online aimed to international market
Satisfied clients