Supplier management system
Outer packaging inspection
Label checking
Acetone test
Data sheet verification
QC Visual inspection
Solderability testing
X-ray examine
Take a photo to keep the bottom
Functional testing
The test passed
Part Test By Chipoda Include
External Visual Inspection
Appearance test means to confirm the number of chips received, inner packaging, humidity indicator, desiccant requirements and appropriate outer packaging.Secondly, the appearance of a single chip is inspected, including: the typing of the chip, the year, the country of origin, whether it is re-coated, the state of the pins, whether there are traces of re-grinding, unidentified residues, and the location of the manufacturer's logo.
Opening (unsealing) is mainly to use instruments to corrode the package on the surface of the chip to check whether there is a wafer inside, the size of the wafer, the manufacturer's logo, the copyright year, and the wafer code to determine the authenticity of the chip.
Heated Chemical Test
HCT refers to putting the chip into a chemical reagent and heating it to a certain temperature, and then using the corrosiveness of the chemical reagent to peel off the coating on the surface of the chip to verify whether the chip surface has abrasion marks, coatings, re-typing and other problems.
Pin Correlation Test
According to the device pins and related instructions specified by the manufacturer in the specification, use a semiconductor tube characteristic grapher to check whether the chip is damaged through open circuit and short circuit tests.
Acetone detection
Acetone detection is to use a certain concentration of acetone to regularly wipe the silk screen on the front surface of the chip, and the result is used to determine whether the surface of the chip is reprinted.
Packaging and Logistics
The final step of the testing service is packaging and shipping. We attach great importance to this link as much as other testing items. We recognize the importance of returning components to customers in a timely and safe manner and provide complete packaging and transportation services. , To assist you in transporting the goods to your designated destination.
Test Lab Scene